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This is device for treating diseases with the help of different frequencies. A set of several frequencies is given for each disease

Bioresonance is a form of therapy which is based on the claim that each organism has its own resonance frequency (bioresonance), the presence of which indicates the existence of a disease. Pioneers in the development of this theory are Raymond Rife, Hulda Clark and others. According to their studies, subjecting the body to the above frequency from an external generator can cure the disease.

This device for treating diseases with the help of different frequencies is also called Rife Machine, according to its inventor. A set of several frequencies is given for each disease, as well as the duration of therapy. Such devices were originally produced at the beginning of the last century, but are still sold today at incredibly high prices of thousands of dollars. The purpose of this project was to explain how to make such a device yourself with “professional” features whose complete cost does not exceed twenty five dollars. This is how I want to capture the real value of such devices that are sold today on Internet.

The device is very simple to build and contains only a few components:

- Arduino Mega microcontroller ( in my case DFRobot “DFRduino Mega2560” )
- ST7920 chip based LCD with 128x64 dots resolution
- BC337 NPN Transistor
- two resistors (470 Ohms and 10 Kiloohms)
- trimming potentiometer 10 Kiloohms
- three Buttons
- and Stainless Hand Electrodes (which are connected to these clips)

At the end of the text there is a link where you can download the code and the schematic diagram. Otherwise, this project was originally described on the page where you can also get the device in the form of Kit. I modified the code a bit, so instead of the ST7565 chip based display, I now use the ST7920 chip based LCD which is much cheaper and widely available for purchase. We will not discuss how to upload the code here, because you can easily find many useful tutorials on this topic.

The start menu appears when turned on. By pressing the down button we enter the submenu in which we select the disease for which we want to apply therapy. Specifically, the code includes frequencies for therapies for 31 diseases, but given that Arduino works with about 10 percent of the resources, we can very easily enter frequencies for many other diseases. The set of frequencies for each disease can be downloaded for free online if you request a “rife frequency list”. Now that we have selected the therapy for a certain disease, we press the Start button and the duration of the whole therapy, and the elapsed time from its beginning, appears on the screen. The voltage from the generator can be applied to the “patient” in both hands, by means of two electrodes connected on this clips. The electrodes should be stainless and may be in the form of cylinders or plates. During therapy it would be good to immerse them in salt solution for better conductivity.

I am not a medical person and I can not discuss the effect of the device now, but as the output voltage does not exceed the 12V, the use of the device is completely safe for health. And of course, we need to treat bioresonance as supporting conventional therapy. As We will see on Scope, for each disease the signal has a different frequencies which change every minute of therapy.

Finally, the device is built into a suitable box made of PVC with a thickness of 3 mm and coated with self-adhesive colored wallpaper.”

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