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3D Printer HeX V 1.1

If you are a hobbyist, you would know the importance of 3d Printer. We all know that 3d printer has revolutionized the prototyping industry and now it has started to take over many small manufacturing business too because there is no hassle of heavy machinery and equipment, all you need is a 3d printing farm and you can manufacture any project you desire. From a very simple design to a very complex geometry you can print anything. So in this project, I will show you how I made a 3d printer for myself. I developed my own design as challenge to myself, It gives more excitement to a project, I faced many problems during the development and I have shared them in this instructables. I hope they would be useful for you guys too.You might find a few pictures unclear because I wasn’t planing on making a video or instructables on it but I thought why don’t I give it a shot. I have done my best to explain everything and wherever I find less images I have attached the images of the 3d model for that particular thing, I hope things get clear. Mind the mistakes and provide feedback.”

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