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6502 & 6522 Minimal Computer (with Arduino MEGA)

Following on from my previous Instructable, I have now put the 6502 on to a strip board and added a 6522 Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA). Again, I am using a WDC version of the 6522, as it is a perfect match for their 6502. Not only do these new chips use much less power than the original MOS versions, but they can be run at slower speeds or even stepped through a program without any problems.
The Arduino program was originally written by Ben Eater (who has many videos on YouTube) and has been modified by me to achieve this result.
1 x WDC W65C02 Processor
1 x WDC W65C22 Versatile Interface Adapter
1 x 74HC00N IC (Quad 2-input NAND gate) or similar
1 x 10cm wide (35 line) Strip board
2 x 40 pin DIL sockets
1 x 14 pin DIL socket
PCB Header Pins 2.54mm
PCB Header Sockets 2.54mm
1 x 12mm Momentary Tactile Push Button Switch PCB Mounted SPST or similar
1 x 1K resistor
1 x 3K3 resistor
2 x 0.1 uF ceramic capacitors
1 x 8 Way Water Light Marquee 5mm red LED
Various coloured wire for connections
8 male - male link wires”

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