Arduino Powered Sunrise Alarm Clock with Neopixels

I’m not a fan of getting up. I’m also often very tired in the mornings (and usually grumpy. But I digress.) I was doing some reading about how to get better sleep when I came across a guy who did some sleep experiments. Some were pretty wacky, but I liked the idea he mentioned about getting up at the same time every day, sort of like a mechanism to condition your body to get up more easily. I had also read various things about blue light, most prominently in the whole screens keeping children awake in the evening thing, but also in a few otherplaces. Having seen the sun come up a time or two, the blue light before the sun rises can be pretty spectacular and so I figured I could try and do something like that to help me wake up naturally rather than with the massive jolt that my current alarm clock induces with its, frankly, terrifying sound.”