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Motorbike Telemetry System | Arduino Nano 33 IoT

Using an Arduino Nano 33 IoT combined with a GPS module and a battery enable motorbike riders to monitor and track their behavior on track.

When I bought my first motorcycle, I started thinking on a system that could monitor my routes. I usually rode with my friends in Kartodromo Lucas Guerrero, and we always wanted to know who was leaning more the bike in each curve, breaking later or achieving more top speed.

The Idea

So I started looking for a system that could monitor all of this variables. When I saw Arduino Nano 33 IoT capabilities, I knew it was the perfect micro for this project. It had integrated gyroscope and accelerometer, so I could register pitch, yaw and roll from motorcycles. Adding a GPS module, I could also monitor speed and position.

We could even upload all of this information in real time to Arduino Cloud to see how was the rider performing on track, because the Arduino 33 IoT has an integrated Wi-Fi module.

‎Building Process

We only have to connect the Micro SD Adapter (will be used to store physically all the data from the sessions) and the GPS module. In the next image you can see how is this performed.”

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