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Build Your Own Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter

Boost IoT Connectivity with a C3mini-based Signal strength meter!

Enhancing IoT Connectivity monitoring by building a Wi-Fi Signal Strength checker with C3mini

In today’s interconnected world, a strong Wi-Fi signal is the backbone of seamless communication and connectivity. But what happens when dead zones or unreliable connections disrupt our IoT projects or smart home setups?

Project Overview:
To optimize Wi-Fi performance in IoT labs and home automation projects, let us embark on a journey to create a Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter using the versatile C3mini microcontroller and an OLED display via I2C. This project aims to provide IoT enthusiasts and engineers with a reliable tool for monitoring and enhancing Wi-Fi connectivity.

Building Blocks:
The foundation of this project lies in the C3mini microcontroller, renowned for its flexibility and efficiency in embedded systems. Paired with an OLED display, the C3mini serves as the brains and interface of the Wi-Fi Signal Strength Meter, enabling real-time visualization of signal strength in both dBm and percentage (%) with a bar for visualization.


- A C3-Mini
- An 0.96 Oled Display
- A carenuity triple adapter (for plug-and-play)
- Jumper wires
- Breadboard”

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