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LED VU-meter Music Reactive Light

VU- meter using Arduino and sound sensor

Hey folks, we are making a sound reactive light using arduino and sound sensor. which is also known as the LED VU meter. to make this project we need a analog Sound sensor. which given the analog value of sound. which convert the sound into the electrical analog sensor.

LED VU-Meter using Arduino is very attractive and simple to make. to make this system you need to know only two termology first is how to use Arduino analog Sensor. and other is how to use analog digital pins as the output pins.

If you want to learn both things I have share the link for the best video and blog. from where you can learn all the things.

I am sharing all the things here which can help you to make this awesome project. but still if I forgot anything and you want more information you can visit our main information page of LED VU-Meter using coding.

To make this project we need some components.

Components Required
- Arduino Uno
- Sound sensor
- jumper wire
- Breadboard
- 220 Ohm resistor”

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