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7 Segment Clock - Small Printers Edition

Yet another 7 Segment Clock. xD
Although I have to say it doesn’t look that crazy when watching my Instructables profile. It probably get’s more irritating the moment you have a look at my thingiverse profile.

So why did I even bother to do another one? Actually the answer is pretty simple…

While playing around with another project I came up with another way to route the led strip inside the modules. To “test my theory” I just had to build one to make sure it works out as expected.

Another major aspect while designing this was people with very small printers. My other things usually are printable on replicator-style printers and i3-style printers with common bed sizes - this one here requires a maximum of 107mm x 89mm x 23mm, so it is printable on printers like the Wanhao i3 Mini (100x120).

Also this is the first of my 7 segment clocks using led strips with 30 leds/m. The other ones are using 60 leds/m, so this is a bit different.

Each segment is lit by 2 leds, so there’s 28 leds inside the double digit-modules and another 4 inside the dots-module. Total 60 leds, no “wasted ones” in between (+32 leds if building the 6 digit version).

The finished clock is 234mm x 93mm x 38mm. (360mm wide for 6 digits version).”

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