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I am a big fan of TwoSetViolin, they bring me a lot of fun and I start to appreciate the joy of music since I followed their channel last year. They have a program called LINGLING40HOURS, in which there are many linglings (talented fans) showing their music memes. Well, I know nothing about instruments, so it’s hard for me to come up with any good music memes. Okay, at last, I decided to utilize my expertise to DIY an electronic organ to join them.


Raspberry Pi 4B X1
Raspberry Pi IO Expansion Board X1
Capacitive Touch Kit For Arduino X1
Gravity: Digital Speaker Module X1
Ice Cream Sticks (3*7)
Double Side Adhesive
Copper Foil Tape with Double-Sided Conductive
Conductor Wire
Type-C power cable
Ethernet Cable X1 (Can be replaced by WiFi)”

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