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Ok I’ll admit it I’m obsessed with making breathalyzers, I made my first one back in 2015 then I made an addon for the ElectroPet and another addon for the ZeroBootSystem. I wanted to make a slimmed down version I could take on a night out or to a beer festival. I start out designing it around a arduino pro mini but ended up using a attiny85, Join below to see how it turned out.

Attiny85 sop8
Latching switch
SMD button
4x 7 segment display
MQ3 alcohol sensor
Male USB port
M3 bolts x6
Power bank
Torch prototype
So after doing the tiny glow stick and using the power bank as the power source It got me thinking about using it in other projects. I needed a torch for work so I used that to prototype the idea of building something around the power bank.”

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