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This device allow to measure frequency and percentage of flicker of the light source. The basic idea was to create a simple device which allow to compare the quality of light sources e.g. LED bulbs. I have used TSL250R IC containing photodiode and operational amplifier with configured feedback loop. This IC is optical sensor which output voltage is proportional to light intensitivity. I have put this sensor inside to case of M5Stick development board and connected directly to ESP32 module. Output from sensor is connected to GPIO with number 35. Output data is sampled by ADC which is triggered by hardware timer of ESP32 board. After sampling there is calculated FFT and flicker percentage value. Based on FFT there is obtained frequency for maximum peak. Additionally there is displayed a plot with input data. Based on that we could see shape and amplitude of input signal. All data are presented on OLED display. Program was written in C with usage of ArduinoFFT and U8g2 libraries.”

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