I like the old fashioned twist-to-set kitchen timers. It’s so user friendly, but are not very helpful when it calls to time like 30 seconds for brewing some tea or coffer. On the other hand, I really don’t feel like to press some buttons a number of times to set a digital kitchen timer. As a result, I often end up not using my digital timer and get very over brewed coffee and tea.
Anyway, I didn’t find product of this kind in stores in Taiwan, so I started to design one my own. (Although I later found some twist-to-set kitchen timers on ebay.)
Since I don’t quite favor coin batteries, my kitchen timer uses rechargeable AAA batteries instead. Although it leaves my less space to fit in all parts.
The beeping sound is not so loud, which works for me (would not annoy anyone nearby), but I have no clue if there is an easy way to increase the output of the buzzer. Anyway, feel free to improve this design if you can.”


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