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So you spent $200 on a GoPro Hero 3 many years ago, but you don’t want to spend another 80 bucks for a remote? You came to the right place.

Couple of months ago, my friend* Joseph G. Wezensky gave a presentation on MicroPython at a local Meetup. The presentation was great, but I’m not a big fan of MicroPython on micro controllers. At the end of the presentation, he did something unusual, he gave away ESP8266 kits for attendees to apply what they’ve learned. I didn’t want to take a kit because I bought ESP32 few months earlier and it was not very consistent. Finally, the host told me to take the last one or it will end up on someone’s shelf collecting dust.

Making a remote for GoPro is not a new idea; I even found a library for that. I just wanted to make something simpler. I really didn’t wanna pay $80 for it.”

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