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LED Matrix Display showing time, date, news, current weather & forecast, own messages and Spotify currently playing (ESP32 only).

Tobers Multidisplay is a LED-Matrix display controlled by an ESP8266 or an ESP32. It can show current time and date, news, current weather & forecast, up to four custom messages, one guest message and - if ESP32 - information about the song currently playing on Spotify.

Tobers Multidisplay is widely and easily configurable via web interface.

Being fascinated by all kind of LED matrixes and always searching the web for inspiration, I discovered the fantastic Parola Library, which makes it easy to get nice text animations on a matrix.There is a great number of projects online basing on this library - all kinds of clocks, message displays, news displays etc. A really nice one is the Display made by ericBcreator, which was a significant inspiration for my project. In the beginning it was my goal to get something like this running on an ESP8266. Finally it endend up with a - under the hood - completely different project. One thing I appreciated very much about the cited project and that I adopted for my own project is the idea of implementing a “local language” definition in the code, which makes it very simple to set up the display for other languages.”

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