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Power Peacefair Pzem 004 + ESP8266 & Arduino Nano

For some time I wanted to buy a single-phase electricity consumption meter, a few months ago I got Peacefair Reference PZEM-004 meter, its price seemed affordable, it has the advantages of being a non-invasive meter in the electrical circuit and has a communication protocol to request data such as Active Instantaneous Power “kW”, Voltage “V”, Amperage “A” and Active Power Accumulated “kWh”.
We will perform some tests on the PZEM-004 Meter and integrate it with 2 platforms or plates already used before the ESP8266 12E module and an Arduino Nano.
Warning: Caution is recommended since this project involves electrical risk or electrocucion since 110 VAC -120 VAC connected equipment is used, basic knowledge is required, please be previously documented in this regard.
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test Electricity consumption meter Peacefair PZEM 004 + ESP8266 & Arduino Nano…”

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