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A wearable, sensor-packed ESP32 IoT device with TFT display.

My friend Moheeb sent me this great little M5StickC board, and this thing is just ridiculous! It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, USB-C connector, Seeed Grove port, two user-programmable buttons, TFT display screen, beautifully labeled breakout header, 6-axis IMU, infrared transmitter, microphone, and much more.

I’ve also had this pulse sensor for ages, but never actually put it in a project. I was eyeing the Micro:bit tutorial, but as cool as it is, it only shows a momentary indicator with each heartbeat. I want to see an actual heart rate number, and after puzzling over it for a while, hadn’t come up with any great ways to do that on the Micro:bit’s 5x5, single-color LED grid.

Software setup and hardware test
I want to program this thing with Arduino code, since that’s where most of the documentation is already, so I’ve loaded up the official M5StickC Arduino library in the Arduino IDE. Once you have the ESP32 Arduino boards installed in the Boards Manager, the device shows up under that heading as “M5Stick-C”.”

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