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Printed Circuit Board

Do you know what PCB stands for? It stands for “Printed Circuit Board”, okay… but what is a Printed Circuit Board? We looked it up and this is what we found: “A PCB mechanically supports and electrically connects electrical or electronic components using conductive tracks”. Okay, we can work with that!
We’re going to make a PCB using a “printed” piece of paper and a clear piece of acrylic as the “board” to build our “circuit” on. PCB!
While most paper circuits are simple, we’ve decided to make our a bit more advanced. Were going to use an ATtiny85 chip, which is a like a very small Arduino. In fact, you can program it using the Arduino software. Our already had our Blink/ Fade sketch on it.) Our ATtiny85 will allow 5 different LEDs to do 5 different things all at once.

1/8th wide Maker Tape
5 Jumbo 10mm Diffused LEDs
Sheet of clear acrylic
2 CR2032 Batteries
Arduino Stackable Shield Headers

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