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PyonAir - an Open Source Air Pollution Monitor

The PyonAir is a low-cost system for monitoring local air pollution levels - specifically, particulate matter. Based around the Pycom LoPy4 board and Grove-compatible hardware, the system can transmit data over both LoRa and WiFi.
I undertook this project at the University of Southampton, working in a team of researchers. My primary responsibility was the design and development of the PCB. This was my first time using Eagle so it was definitely a learning experience!
The aim of the PyonAir project is to deploy a network of low-cost, IoT pollution monitors that will allow us to gather crucial information about the distribution and causes of air pollution. Whilst there are many pollution monitors on the market, most only offer “Air Quality Index”, rather than raw PM data - especially at affordable prices. By making the project open-source, with easy setup instructions, we hope to make the PyonAir device accessible to anyone who is interested in air quality, either personally or professionally. For example, this device can be used to collect data for student projects, PhDs and independent parties, making vital research that has a reputation for soaring costs much more attainable. The project may also be used for outreach purposes, communicating with members of the public about their local air quality and the steps that can be taken to improve it.
Our goals of simplicity and ease of use inspired our decision to use the Grove system as the backbone of our design. The wide range of compatible modules will allow users of the system to customise the PyonAir device to their needs, without being forced to redesign the fundamental hardware. Meanwhile, Pycom’s LoPy4 offers multiple options for wireless communication in a single, neat package.
In this instructable, I will be describing the design journey and steps to manufacture the PCB, followed by instructions on how to assemble the full PyonAir unit.
LoPy4: Main board
PyonAirPCB: Easy connection to Grove sensors
Plantower PMS5003: Air pollution sensor
Sensirion SPS30: Air pollution sensor
SHT35 sensor: Temperature & humidity sensor
Real Time Clock: Backup clock unit
GPS module: GPS receiver for time & location
Grove cables:
Pycom antenna: LoRa capability
MicroSD card Power supply: Primary power supply
Case: IP66 115x90x65 mm weatherproof ABS box

Soldering iron
Small screwdriver
FTDI cable”

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