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Hello everyone, in this quick article I will share with you my project :ATGM332D GPS module with SAMD21J18 Microcontroller and SSD1306 OLED 128*64 display, I built a special PCB for it on Eagle Autodesk, and program it using Atmel studio 7.0 and ASF4 so in this article I will share with you this journey and the files I used if you are interesting to do it by yourself.
Now if you are programming your MCU/development board using Arduino , this project should be relatively easy to you , but here I will use ASF4(Advanced software framwork 4) from Atmel/Microchip which is based on C language and would give you an idea for how to read the GPS NMEA message using USART Asynchronous driver (Callback) and provide you with a simple library that you can use it with any Micro-controller and different platform by simply add the appropriate Driver you are using to receive the message from the GPS(NMEA message).”

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