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Bareboat Necessities Projects

This document describes a DIY project of building a marine computer, a boat LTE/WiFi gateway, and a cockpit chartplotter display from easily obtainable and affordable components. This boat electronics project includes:
Waterproof marine touch screen HDMI display
GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo) receiver
Sensors for orientation (gyroscope, accelerometer, compass via IMU)
AIS radar
Environment temperature, barometric pressure, humidity sensors
Connections to the boat instruments such as wind, depth, speed, AIS via NMEA 0183 serial ports
Boat LTE / 4G Gateway, network storage
Boat WiFi hotspot and a router with WiFi extender and a long range waterproof WiFi antenna
Optional autopilot integration, rudder angle sensor
Other NMEA devices, engine/battery status, bilge pump monitoring, etc
Optional air mouse with a wireless keyboard and a touchpad
Lightning EMI sensor and alarm
RTL-SDR for weather fax, NavTex, satellite weather, AIS, RTL 433, morse code decoder, etc
Boat IoT Integration via MQTT
Music Player
Can be used with Iridium Satellite Modems
Can be used for processing transmissions received from SSB radio via audio interface
Variety of options of using wireless handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets to connect to boat systems via WiFi and bluetooth. There are many marine applications available for smart phones and tablets.

The boat computer is connected to the waterproof HDMI touchscreen in the cockpit.”

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