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MOSTER FET - Dual 500Amp 40 Volt MOSFET 3d Printer Heated Bed Drivers

You probably clicked on this thinking holy cow, 500 AMPS!!!!!. To be honest, the MOSFET board I designed will not be able to safely do 500Amps. It might for a short bit, just before it excitedly burst into flames.
This was not designed to be a clever trick. It was NOT my evil plan to lure you into my instructable (insert mad scientist laugh here). I wanted to make a point. The advertising for 3D printers and their components can be very misleading. Especially in the low cost DIY market.
I’m going to explore just one case of this. A common MOSFET board which is used to protect the 3d printer main board from damage. They are also used to upgrade a pinter to a more powerful headed bed. Generally with more print area.
There are half dozen different designs out on the market. Most have these giant heatsinks and look very impressive. But most of that is a gimmick.
While we analyze one of these boards; I am going to design my own. After looking at what’s on the market, I decided I could do better. So, I am Open source, Open Capabilities, and does the job exceedingly well.
The design I am targeting is a 40v 60Amp dual MOSFET board. Not 1 channel but 2. One for the heated bed and one for the hotend. There is a story behind the design. For those of you who don’t care about the story behind the board, you can go straight to the source files for the board.
Ki-Cad Source Files
All the footprints for this board design are hand soldered.


Soldering iron
Snips for Electronics”

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