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Occupation during confinement.
Good morning all. Here is my prototype V3,

waiting for the end of confinement to make my PCBs and return to the workshop to create the case.

The assembly is identical to my first here,

with the difference that, the keys (in the code) are declared as a “for (int i = 0; i

and not defined as a Notes, ” MIDI.sendNoteOn (52, 127, 1); “

with a value, which allows you to play the piano as much as drums and bass on Ableton. You will find in my code only one potentiometer to declare, to you to write the continuation and to adapt to your needs. You must play with the library , connect to Loopmidi and hairless midi serial and have fun.

In your modification, do not change the starting value of the “byte note = 36;” keys, because this is the start of your “pad” drums on Ableton.”

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