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Monitor Your Garage Door using a Wemos D1 mini

A garage door opener with monitoring state (open/close) using an ESP8266.

So a few years back, I was doing some cleanup in my basement and I found a storage box full of electronic items (stuff that I paid 10c for a pack of capacitors somewhere in 1988!) when I was in college … I was ready to give everything away when a colleague at work (funny part, he too has an electronic background and is very involved in electronic projects, especially with 3D printing – see his channel Science3D) showed me how tinkering was done today using either an ESP8266 or Raspberry Pi. Must of all, how easy it was to connect the ESP8266 to a computer using an Arduino IDE or Visual Studio Code!!

After poking the internet for sites like;;, etc. I decide it was time for me to give back to the community and share my projects…

I’ve done a project to open my garage door using a web interface and a keypad with the help of a Raspberry Pi v3. It’s been 2 years now and honestly I haven’t used the keypad simply because the web interface is much more practical (especially for my kids). So I decided to remake the garage door opener (using a dedicate controller - Wemos D1 mini) and it will be installed at my sister-in-law that always forgets to close her garage door… Therefore, this will be my first post!”

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