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In this project, we will make a Music Rhythm LED Flash Light circuit using Microphone and BC547 on breadboard and PCB where the led strip lights will blink with the music rhythm.
The microphone will sense the music rhythm and generate an electric pulse which will amplify by the transistor and the connected led strip will start blinking.
I will share all the required details for this Music Rhythm LED Flasher project link complete circuit diagram, breadboard layout, component list, PCB Garber file, the working principle so that you can easily design this Music Rhythm LED Flash Light at home.

1. 1k resistors 2no
2. 10k resistors 2no
3. 1M resistor 1no
4. 0.1uF Capacitor 1 no
5. BC547 NPN Transistor 1 no
6. TIP122 Power Transistor 1no
7. LEDs 5mm 1.5Volt 2no
8. Condenser Microphone 1no
9. Connectors
10. 12volt LED strips or flashlight
11. 12V DC Adapter”

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