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In this project, we will make an automatic on-off water tap under $5 only. We will use an IR sensor and a water switch to make this automatic infrared water tap. No microcontroller is used to make this automatic infrared water tap.
Simply place your hands or dishes underneath the automatic taps to activate the infrared sensor and water is released from the water switch. And the water will stop automatically after removing the object under the infrared water switch.
1. IR Proximity Sensor 1no
2. TIP122 NPN Transistor 1no
3. 220-ohm 0.25watt Resistor 1no
4. 1N4007 Diode 1no
5. Water Switch (Induction) 12V 1no
6. DC connector 1no
7. 12 volt DC adaptor 1no”

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