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Multi-channel Wifi Voltage & Current Meter

When breadboarding, one often needs to monitor different parts of the circuit at once.
To avoid the pain having to stick the multimeter probes from one place to another, I wanted to design a multi-channel voltage and current meter.
The Ina260 board from Adafruit provides a very effective and efficient way for doing so. It contains a very accurate voltage and current meter with an integrated I2C bridge (saving a lot of pins when combining 3 of them!).
The only thing missing was a display. Hence the decision to hook the boards up onto an ESP32 development board, which can easily carry a webserver to present the measured items on a PC/mobile screen.
3 x Ina260 adafruit board
3 x header pins with long pins
Min 6 jumper wires
1 x ESP32 Wrover-B (or any Wifi other board with I2C support)
2 x 19 pin pin header (if applicable)
1 x PCB or Perfboard
1 x 3.3 V power supply”

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