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Sync your clock with a NTP time server so they can check the right time if there has been a black out if your not at home :-)

Plywood (2 layers)
Wemos D1 or Wemos D1 mini pro or Wemos D1 mini
Micro usb cable
Phone charger
Fancy photoframe
168 Pcs WS2812B Ws2812 Led Chips 5V Met Wit/Zwart Pcb Heatsink (10mm * 3 Mm) WS2811 Ic build in Smd 5050 Rgb

I went to a so called fabshop to use their lasercutter for the 3 layers.

You will also need various tools: drill (+ a selection of drill bits), pliers, clippers(or wire cutters), and a soldering iron(with solder) At first I made my design with a Wemos D1 but I ordered some Wemos D1 mini pro’s and some Wemos D1 mini and also on those the clock works perfectly.”

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