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As thousands of essential workers bravely continue to do their jobs despite limited access to personal protective equipment, the need to sterilize their PPE, especially their masks, increases daily. Contained UV-C irradiation is an effective way to sterilize non-porous items such as N95 masks, phones, keys, and more. While some front-line health care workers have access to professional UV irradiation cabinets, many other essential workers who interact with the public every day do not.

Since many UV sterilization products are sold out, DIY irradiation may be one of the few options left for many people during this coronavirus pandemic. However, most DIY UV irradiation cabinets require hard-to-find parts, engineering know-how, and/or specialized tools.

YouVee is a DIY irradiation cabinet that can be made at home in under 1 hour using common tools and simple components, for about 50 bucks — no tech skills required. In this article we’ll show you how.

YouVee was developed at Deeplocal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We’re excited about this project and how beneficial it can be to those without access to engineering know-how or electronics tools.”

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