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ArduTester Millenium, the ultimate UNO & MEGA Versions

With modern I2C Protocol for the LCD, minimizing the wiring. A Basic Version with the Arduino UNO and a feature rich Version with the MEGA.

Since Publication of the Ardutester V1.13 ( with limited number of Display Interfaces, mainly the popular 4 Bit Parallel 1602 LCD featuring 2 lines by 16 characters, HD44780 controller, was supported. ). Over time, I was adding other displays and modernizing the Software drivers by using the Arduino wire Library for the High Speed native I2C, which brings the performance needed for a responsive graphical OLED Display.

Because the Ressources needed for the graphic version of the ArduTester, a MEGA is needed when a Graphic Display is choosen. The more timers in the MEGA allow also to have the Freq. Counter feature available.

The basic UNO can now run the 1602 16 X 2 LCD with I2C interface, in order to reduce the wiring to the minimum.

This project focuses on the configuration of the latest Software Version for 4 popular hardware configurations below ( of course, more display variants like 1306 with SPI or only Arduino Serial Monitor, with no Display at all, are possible… ).”

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