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Hello everyone!!

Its quarantine everywhere nowhere to go and noting to do..

which means lots of time for doing nothing…Does getting up late and scrolling on social websites,watching movies has become your routine? get off it and try something new ,creative.and make these days interesting..

I had made a similar clock about a few years back,had given it as a present to my cousin.But it didn’t had ambience lights and was not so good.I wanted to make it better,but didn’t got time to do it.

Actually, I got this idea when i saw a analog weighing scale(those spring loaded machines which have rotating circular disc)

So I thought this is the right time to make it better. In this clock I have added second hand too.But this time am making it for me..

It has three drums which denote hour ,minute and seconds.It has colorful RGB ambience lights controlled by arduino using a potentiometer..

It fits to a desk or a workstation or it can be used as a bed lamp can change its colour to your mood..

So, Let’s get started.

As it was quarantine I made use of things which I had.So I would call this as requirements rather than supplies..


Cardboard rolls of different diameter(about 10 - 20cm)
Sun board or Foam board
clock machine
white paper
OHP Sheet or any other transparent sheet
i”ll mention about the electronics later.”

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