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This project uses Internet of Things technology to detect and alert LPG gas leakage.

In this project the device detects the LPG gas leakage and alerts the person by sending a sms, and a Email. The person may be present in a different part of the house or he might not be present in his house and might have gone outside unaware of the gas leakage.

I decided to make this project because many people die because of there silly mistakes and when they commit those mistakes no one is there to tell them if they are home alone.

The device has a BOLT WIFI module integrated with a MQ-2 LPG gas sensor and a BUZZER. The gas sensor collects the data and sends it over the cloud i.e Digital Ocean.If the gas value crosses a threshold, immediately a sms and an email is sent to the person and the buzzer starts giving sound to alert the person.”

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