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Light-Up PCB Necklace V2

If you like making jewelry and have some experience using the Bantam Tools Desktop PCB Milling Machine, this is a great project for you! It offers a wonderful way to get creative and artistic with double-sided machining.
The necklace has four LEDs on the back of the pendant that provide a beautiful glow around the outline of the pendant and highlight the pattern on the front of the necklace by illuminating the etched traces. This tutorial gives you two design options: a blank, solid copper front or a bird feather pattern on the front.
We also made a bat version of this necklace! Everything is the same, except the shape of the board, so the instructions here apply to the bat as well as the hummingbird. Both files are downloadable in the next step.
Feel free to use this technique to design your own pendants by mixing and matching your favorite shapes with your favorite colored LEDs. If you do design your own unique necklace, please post pictures of your creation in the comments. All of us here at Bantam Tools would love to see them!

Note: This is the V2 of our PCB Hummingbird Necklace.”

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