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HomeMade SlowCooker

For a long time now I have wanted to own a SlowCooker. Unfortunately, I couldn’t decide on which one I should get. I like the expensive ones where you can set the temperature digital but, being Dutch, there is no way I’m spending that kind of money!

Now I have a little more time on my hands due to the COVID-19 crisis, I decided instead to just make one myself. I had this ceramic hot plate lying around which I was already using for my pot roasts. And after diving into my parts collection, I dicovered all I needed to buy was a 4 euro temperature sensor!

It is great for making stews and pot roasts, or tempering chocolate au bain marie!

Arduino Uno With Screw Terminal (Or any other type you have laying around)
DS18B20 TO-92 Thermometer - Waterproof with 1m cord
One 4,7KΩ resistor
I2C LCD Screen (I used a 16x2)
Small DC Power Supply (I used a Self Electronics SLT3-350IS-1 LED-driver)
5V Relay Module
Two-Way Momentary Switch
Power Socket with switch + Cable
Heating Element / (Ceramic) Hot Plate
Some PCB Board
Some form of housing for your SlowCooker”

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