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I’m addicted to my phone, which I can not focus on my homework. Every day when I go home, I play with my phone first, then about 10 p.m. I started my homework, which is too late. So every day I went to bed at 2 a.m., causing me exhausted. Which I decide to make a phone coffer, when every day I went home I need to put my phone into the coffer, and until I finish my homework, I can go ask my mom for the password, and take my phone out. My mom will sometimes change the password to prevent me from taking my phone out before I finish my homework. I add LEDs to the original design because without the LEDs, my mom will not know if I hand in my phone or not, which she needs to first enter the password, open the coffer and check is my phone inside or not, which is too annoying. So I add the LEDs which my mom can see from the color of the LED knowing if I did turn in my phone or not. And this can also help me to focus more on my homework and go to bed early.

Arduino Leonardo
Arduino Breadboard
Matrix Keypad 4x4
Micro Arduino Servo Motor SG90
LCD Display Screen Blue 16x2
Male to Male Breadboard Jump Wires
Male to Female Breadboard Jump Wires
USB Cable for Arduino Leonardo
Switch Push Button for Arduino
LED - two different colors (Amazon)
100-ohm Resistor Kits
1K-ohm Resistor Kits
Paper Tape
Hot Glue Gun
Box Cutter
Empty Box
Corrugated Board
Screw + Screwdriver
Poster Paper for Decoration”

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