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Firstly, I need a safe to put my money in. Chinese New Year is coming. I will get red envelopes from my great-grandma, grandparents, great-uncles, great-aunts, uncles, and aunts. I need a safe to store my money. I can also use it to put anything valuable to me.
Secondly, I need a safe to put my snacks. My father usually eats up all my candy, chocolate, and cookies when he feels hungry. To help my father control his weight, I need a safe to store my snacks. With the safe, my snacks are safe, and my father will be thinner and healthier.
With the safe, my money and my snacks will be safe.

What you need:

1. Breadboard x1
2. Arduino board (I am currently using Arduino Leonardo.)
3. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) module
4. One Keypad
5. Two servo motors
6. One button
7. One NeoPixel LED Ring
8. Wires
9. One Paper Box”

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