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A Nixie tube style display with an array of 7 LED’s. Creating a 5x7 character matrix. I really like Nixie clocks (who doesn’t?) but I wanted to create my own. And because I don’t want to tinker with high voltage and a Lixie has already been done… I created Glixie a glow in the dark Nixie tube.

This is a spin-off of a larger project I’m currently working on, and because I always wanted to have a real nixie clock, I created a new type of Faux-Nixie.

It has an array of 7 leds which create a 5x7 matrix with which you can display any latin charater, so you’re not limited to only digits.

Can display any alpha-mumeric character
No high voltage
Not a real Nixie
Cannot be used at high speed or for seconds.”

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