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I’ve always wanted to design a custom PCB, and with online tools and cheap PCB prototyping it’s never been easier than now! It’s even possible to get the surface mount components assembled cheaply and easily in small volume to save the difficult soldering task! I’ve ordered 10x PCBs with assembly for less than US$50.While PCBs serve an important function, the layout of the components is an important part of how it looks. I’ve rotated the components on the board to align with the points of the star.

This instructable will teach you:
- How to draw the custom PCB shape in InkScape (free, open source graphics tool)
- How to use EasyEDA circuit & PCB design tools (free and online, no install required!)
- How to import the SVG into EasyEDA for custom PCB shape and silk screen
- How to design a simple ‘Arduino’ programmable MCU design
- How to use JLCPCB surface mount assembly to get the boards made & assembled

Features of “The Star”
- Custom 5-point star shaped PCB
- Animated lighting - 10x LEDs per side, double sided
- arduino programmable ATMEGA328P microctroller
- 2x buttons for interactivity - you could make a simple game
- micro USB powered (option)
- Network multiple stars for bigger animations (option) with serial communications”

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