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Raspberry Pi Adjustable Air Quality Detector Running on GUI

Develop a GUI to display current air quality values as per the MQ-135 position precisely and control a mini pan-tilt kit (and RGB lighting).

I had been working on a project with which I could collate air quality information from an MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor to detect the occurrence of the deteriorating air quality in my workplace. However, the positioning of the MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor has gigantic importance while collecting pristine information from the sensor. Therefore, I decided to make a moveable sensor base via selected angles by developing a user-friendly interface. To achieve that goal and add a few corroborating features such as adjustable background light, I developed a GUI using the guizero module in Python for my Raspberry Pi, named Air Quality Module.

Via Air Quality Module, you can control two servo motors attached to the mini pan-tilt kit by choosing one of the given angles - 0, 30, 45, 90, 135, 180 - and adjust the background light in RGB format - 255, 255, 255. And, most importantly, you can monitor the current air quality range generated by the MQ-135 sensor: the GUI notifies you with a warning message if the air quality is deteriorating.”

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