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WiFi Netspeed Monitor

ESP tool to measure the performance of an WiFi network. The data is transferred to the Circus-Of-Things platform for viewing and monitoring.

The telephone and Internet providers are promising high availability. At least when they compete for you as a customer. The reality then often looks like that it happens frequently that you are offline at home. OK, I admit that it was worse in the past. In the meantime it has become better, but I wanted to find out how accurate my Internet is actually available at home. Or in other words, how often it fails.

While I was looking for a way to easily monitor my WiFi network, I came across two key links:

ESP8266 Internet Alarm is a project of 3zuli. It basically describes exactly what I want, except that I want to store the data on the internet so that I can see from anywhere if my network at home is online or not. There are many IOT platform services on the Internet, but Circus of Thing has caught my attention. It is a pleasantly simple and well-structured service that Jaume Miralles has created.”

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