There are plenty of ways to irritate your XYL with an obsession of ham radio; but if you feel you need just one more then keep reading. The black box above is actually a clock. It’s a cool clock if you know Morse Code (or CW), but it is worthless if you don’t.

The brains of the Morse Code clock is an ESP8266 with on board WiFi. At power up, the rig connects to WiFi and fetches the time from the internet (so always accurate). On first run the ‘clock’ sends out some Self Test tones after getting the time. These Self Test tones can be something like a callsign, but it could be anything or even nothing. The pace (or WPM) of the Morse Code is adjustable by a variable in the source code. In the example videos it is 10WPM as calculated by “The Paris Standard”.

From that point on the time of day (localized to your time zone) is output to a speaker and LED tower in Morse Code (24 hour format) as HHMM. A calm quite house is filled with dit-dah tones and flashing light.”


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