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AC loads live with us! Because they are everywhere around us and at least home appliances are supplied with the mains power. Many types of industrial equipment are also powered with the single-phase 220V-AC. Therefore, we frequently face situations that we need to have full control (dimming) over an AC load, such as a lamp, an AC motor, a vacuum cleaner, a drill, … etc.

We should know that controlling an AC load is not as simple as a DC load. We have to use a different electronic circuit and strategy. Moreover, if an AC dimmer designed digitally, it is considered a time-critical application, and the microcontroller’s code must be written carefully and efficiently. In this article, I introduced an isolated powerful digital AC dimmer that consists of two parts: the mainboard and the panel. The panel board provides two push buttons and a seven-segment display that allows the user to adjust the output voltage smoothly.”

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