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” It is basically a small scaled digital oscilloscope. It is capable of displaying all type of waveform like sine, triangular, square, etc. It’s bandwidth is above 1 MHz and input impedance is about 600K. The device is mainly using the ATmega328 micro-controller as the heart and is assisted by a high performance ADC (TLC5510) which is capable of taking up-to 20 mega samples per second and thus increasing the span of bandwidth which can be analyzed by our device. In addition to that, in-order to make the device portable Li-ion battery is used , which will be suitable to be fitted into a confined space. Intelligent circuits have been designed to properly charge and to assist in intelligent discharge of the battery, which increase the battery life and also the contribute to boost up the reliability of the device. The screen used here is a 2.8” TFT color display (320x240).”

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