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Physics Labs at Home!

Where I live, school was suspended in March, and our classes were moved online. That was okay and everything, but when it came to science, all the labs went out the door. (Virtual labs just aren’t the same, if that’s what you’re thinking.) So, I decided to design a few physics labs myself, and for those students who missed out on the best part of physics, I hope this Instructables assuages some of your disappointment!
This lab is probably meant for grade 11 physics students, and focuses on kinematics and dynamics. We’ll be exploring forces, acceleration, friction, and all that good stuff!
Supplies:3D printer For lab #1 (acceleration on a slope):
3D printed dynamics cart device with stopwatch camera app (such as this one)smartphone with Google Science Journal app (optional)a plank of wood or something around 1 meters long books to prop up the plank of wood protractor digital kitchen scaleFor lab #2 (acceleration with a mass):
3D printed dynamics cart 3D printed pulleya device with a stopwatch camera appsmartphone with Science Journal app (optional)a table string masking tape digital kitchen scale plastic water bottle (that you are willing to sacrifice to dents and bruises) tape measure”

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