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An easy to use yet secure 2FA gadget, using a Raspberry Pi Pico and RGB Keypad, MicroPython.

2FA has quickly become an easy to implement solution for all online services willing to add extra safety to user accounts.
As a result, users are now overwhelmed with 2FA requests for anything.
I need them for Github, Discord, Hosting account, Online shops, bank and exchanges…

For one, I don’t feel comfortable with all these keys only stored physically on my phone.
Then, It’s a pain for me to unlock, open Google authenticator, scroll to the right item in the ever growing list aso…
For long, I searched some nice and ready made hardware that would allow me to handle that in a more user friendly way.

Then I saw Pimoroni’s RGB Keypad. 16 keys with rgb leds…
The thing was part of the Raspberry Pi Pico addons, and the Pi Pico seemed capable enough to handle the task.
So, I picked a Keypad, a Pico Display in the hope of adding extra feedback, and the journey began…


- Easy to use
- Handle many 2FA keys, for different contexts (home/work/dev/banking)
- Reasonable safety if stolen (no clear-text key)
- Form factor allowing single handed operation
- Enough visual feedback to be sure what you do
- USB Keyboard emulation”

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