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There are probably over one-hundred Arduino based plotting machines on the internet with instructions available on how to make them. What makes this one unique (as far as I know), is the inbuilt camera and screen. Other plotters must be connected to a computer. This one works completely independently.

The 20fps video shown on the screen makes it easy to capture pictures with the camera, then just press the paint button to have a watercolour portrait in less than 5 minutes.

Thanks to Indrek Luuk who wrote the camera/video code and to Sourav S who solved how to read information from the screen (written permissions obtained for contest entry). Thanks also to Darcy Whyte (InventorArtist) who inspired the brush-pen approach to the plotter.

Guide to the instructions

The following instructions are a detailed step-by-step guide to making your own portable portrait painter. Before attempting this project you should have the following skills:

Operate a 3D printer
Able to upload sketches to an Arduino
Assembly of parts
If you want to adjust the design, you’ll need to be able to write code for Arduino and adjust Fusion 360 CAD files.
The project is not a small undertaking:

The total parts cost (excluding 48x 3D printed parts) is almost £400!
The total cost of tools needed is £371 (including tools you may already own e.g. a £180 3D printer).
I estimate that it will take 20+ hours to complete the project.”

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