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Wow! Whoa! What a cool effect! — These are some of the things you’ll hear upon completing the guide. A completely mind-bending, beautiful, hypnotic, sound-reactive infinity cube.
This is a modestly advanced soldering project, it took me about 12 man hours over a weekend to build. There was some prep time, getting glass plates, ordering parts. I will include links for everything I used. There are TONS of photos, with notes.
This work of art is truly something significant to behold, hoping this is a fulfilling build for you.
If you do complete the build, I would love to see your work! If you have any ideas or questions feel free to post, have fun, be patient, and enjoy!


T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion - 3030 -ZYLtech 3030 30mm Aluminum Extrusion - 10X 1M
18x 3030 Corner Cube Connectors
Screws:Prime-Line 9121711 Machine Screw Flat Head Phillips, M8-1.25 X 16mm
2x BTF Lighting WS2811 5m LED Ribbons
6x 20”x20” 3/16” Tempered Glass Plates (Local Glass Store, online shipping costs too much)
1x Roll of 15% Mirror Film (BDF S15)
1x Roll of Gaffer Tape
1x SP107E WS2811 LED Microcontroller (Sound Reactive)
1x (100-pack) 3-pin LED Connectors (JST SM)
1x 5v 5Amp Power Supply
1x 20AWG Wire
1x 3-Pin LED Wire (Under 3 feet)

1x Temperature 60w (Max) Adjustable Soldering Iron
1x Squeegee Kit (Including a Felt Squeegee)
1x Power Drill (w/ Clutch recommended), Drill Bits, and Phillips Bits
1x 8mm Hand Tap
1x Automatic Wire Strippers
1x Miter Saw
1x Mitre Saw Aluminum Blade

Pens and Sharpies
2x Irwin Hand Tap Bits: 8mm x 1.25mm
1x Irwin Hand Tap (1/4 - 1/2” Bits)
1x Retractable Utility Knife”

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