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When you look in the mirror, who couldn’t use a few words of encouragement? Build a display inside a mirror to scroll custom affirmations you can read over your own reflection. This polished project comes together easily with a store-bought shadowbox frame and some see-through mirror material. You can build a simple version with a basic Arduino or compatible, or level it up using a NodeMCU (ESP8266 wifi board) in order to add more positive quotes to the mirror over the internet.

This article was originally published in HackSpace Magazine.

Shadowbox frame
See-through mirror glass or acrylic
Black paper tape
Pen or pencil
Ruler or tape measure
Craft knife
USB cable
NodeMCU, Trinket M0 or similar microcontroller board
White alphanumeric LED displays with i2c backpacks (I used three but two is also fine)
Soldering tools and supplies
Large solderable breadboard”

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