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Make complex tasks like Image Recognition and Object detection simple with the AI-powered HuskyLens module and transmit that data on LoRa.

In this project, we are going to have a look over the HuskyLens from DFRobot. It is an AI-powered camera module that is capable of doing several Artificial Intelligence operations such as Face Recognition, Object Recognition, and Line Recognition, etc.

It is somewhat similar to the MatchX module which we discussed some time back in this project. As the MatchX module was a bit expensive, I decided to make something similar on my own and for that, I found HuskyLens as a great choice because it is cheaper in comparison to the MatchX module and can do everything that the MatchX can except one i.e transmission of data and for that purpose we will interface the Huskylens module with RYLR907 LoRa module from Reyax and we will be good to go. After the interfacing, we will use this HuskyLens to detect an object and send that detected data using the LoRa module to another LoRa module at the receiver side.

So let’s get to the fun part now.”

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