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First off I must give credit for the inspiration to these two Reddit posts, this is the first one I saw and this is the one that inspired that first one.

Having seen these I knew it was something I wanted to make. I hope this Instructable inspires you to pick up the tools and give it a go.

I completely messed up my first attempt by trying to use some beach and ash offcuts that I unsuccessfully jointed, this is version 2 and so much better.

The final product is impressive, even if I do say so myself.

Most of the supplies will depend on the size of the box you’re planning to make.
I used some really nice B/BB plywood, this is such a great material and so different from the ‘normal’ plywood you get from the big box stores. Very few (if any) voids and with the B grade face it’s pretty much blemish free. It’s a little heavier and quite a bit more expensive, I would say it’s worth it for any ‘public’ facing project.
The size of the box I made was determined by the mirror that my wife was throwing out, this was used as the bottom mirror.
You’ll need enough wood (ply) to make the four side of the box to a height of about 325 mm (13 inches).
I decided to go for a bulkhead light for the inside of the box as I thought this was in keeping with a mine shaft. You’ll also need a length of mains cable.
The bottom mirror is a standard mirror but the top is where the ‘magic’ happens.”

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