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In 2014, off the back of in internship at a 3D printing consultancy in London and an experiment with colour lithophanes using their Stratasys machine, I design my own going away present, a colour 3D print of tube lines local to their offices. I was determined to make something from it. A short 2 years later in 2016 I had my own 3D printer, and set to work making it into a clock.
As a kid I though the Tokyo Flash digital watches were the greatest things ever, and deiced that would be the inspiration point for the design.
And now it’s just been a minor 4 year break till I’ve gotten round to writing it up!
While the exact instructions will be difficult to replicate, and the reduction of cost in hobbyist PCB manufacture in the past couple years might make my exact method for LED placement obsolete. I hope the ideas shared might lead to others making weird clocks from thin objects!”

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